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Already Home

Nine Sweet Romance Novellas, filled with rich, historical love stories centered around the "Great War." Based on original music by Rick Barr.

Pen to Paper, Words Flow Like Sweet Wine


Based on original music by Rick Barr, the "Already Home" series features seven best-selling romance authors and nine terrific historical love stories set during the tumultuous years of the "Great War." . List of Stories >>>

Meet the Authors

Patricia PacJac Carroll

Michele Pollock Dalton

Samantha Fury

Meet the Musician

Voice professional, Rick Barr, has a rich, mellow baritone that adds a sultry excitement to romance. A master of his craft, Mr. Barr is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and takes meticulous care in bringing stories to life. But his first love is that good ole' time rock n' roll. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, he can be found at numerous entertainment venues sharing his musical talent.


Listen: "RUBY"

Get a sneak peek at this novella, by Amazon Bestselling Author, Michele Pollock Dalton.Narrated by Rick Barr.

Kandice E. Geddes

Barbara Goss

Kimberly Grist

Margaret Tanner


Introducing the Authors & Their Stories


Ruby Standing Cover sm.png

When an explosive conflict is determined to destroy lives the world over, Ruby Rose Risler undertakes her patriotic responsibility to the Doughboys being called to defend liberty “over there.” But Ruby’s civic duty becomes a labor of love when her newest pen pal sparks a sweet interest.

Farm boy Earnest Steiner cannot fathom the scope of the task before him when he’s pulled from small town America and dropped into the trenches of France. But the touching letters he receives from a gentle young woman provide a lifeline during his time on the Western Front.

Tender words spill across the years, page by page, but will Earnest find the lifetime promise he expects? Or will he discover the sweet dream pales once he is already home?


Tatianna Standing Cover sm.png

Love letters written by hand often land in the heart.

Tatianna Murray joins her best friends in writing to the men headed for Europe during World War I.  Ryan’s letters stand out from the others. Two strangers find within the words something they both share: loneliness and the loss of their parents. As the correspondence continues, they find love, although they’ve never met. 


While in the horrific war, Ryan carries a bit of Tatianna with him, a golden cross. When Ryan’s letters stop, Tatianna worries. Is he wounded, dead, or imprisoned by the enemy?


Tatianna mourns the man she’s never met and the happily ever after she might never attain. Will God step in and give them the happiness they deserve?


by Kandice E. Geddes

Valentia Standing Cover sm.png

Running from her abusive grandfather – broken and afraid – seventeen-year-old Valentia Brocato flees her homeland, hoping for a brighter future in America. Little does she realize that America is about to enter its own conflict – The Great War.


Abandoning her Italian heritage, and feeling lost in more ways than one, Valentia finds refuge with a kindly widow. But it isn’t until she meets a group of women her age that she finally discovers friendship. They invite her into their circle to write to the soldiers overseas, and Valentia easily slips into one letter – drawn to the man who wrote it.


His stories and words resonate with her, giving her a sense of home and healing she’s never felt. But can a lasting love blossom through words alone? Could they possibly find a future together when the soldiers return home?


When his letters suddenly stop coming, and all hope feels lost, will Valentia find the courage to keep moving forward? Will she find the courage to keep hope alive?


Adella Standing Cover sm.png

There is no ocean so great that love can’t cross.

In 1917 every man, woman, and child was called to civic duty as the “war to end all wars” encompassed the globe.

When the patriotic call comes, Adella begins her campaign of encouragement by corresponding with the frightened and lonely soldiers. On the cusp of adulthood, the young woman is tired of living a cosseted life and hopes to gain her parent’s support when she wants to volunteer her services to the war effort. Her mother worries for her safety, but Adella is more concerned for her heart.


As a recent college graduate, Gibb is led down a path he never anticipated. And one unexpected meeting at a train station tips all of his carefully laid plans into chaos. In the void, Adella’s words of affection flow across the continents. The image of her smile and the consistency of her letters give him a reason to hope. 


Vivianna Standing Cover sm.png

Vivianna Risler enjoys interacting with the young women of her daughter’s acquaintance. But when the girls form the Ladies Victory League and undertake a letter writing campaign to the Doughboys, she supervises the activities with a mother’s eye toward propriety and protection.

However, the vivacious widow is intrigued by the idea and finds an unexpected pleasure in furthering her acquaintance with a family friend.


For Dr. Zechariah Stewart, there is no doubt of his attraction to the lovely lady next door. Still, he’s amazed to discover the prim woman’s true nature through a flurry of letters delivered while he is stationed at Camp Douglas. And despite the obstacles, Zechariah is determined to take his second chance with romance, no matter the cost.


Maeva Standing Cover sm.png

A new love and a determined young woman create an adventure set against the backdrop of the war to end all wars.

To say Maeva Stewart is not a patient young woman is an understatement. Full of ideas, she meets life head on – usually with her best friend and neighbor, Ruby Risler. Aside from Ruby’s good qualities as a friend, she also has a brother, Leo.


After giving cookies to the men leaving the train station for Camp Douglas, Maeva begins writing letters to those she doesn’t know. Then, drawing upon an untapped well of courage, she writes to tell Leo how she feels about him.


A telegram changes everything when Leo is injured in France, and Maeva wants to go to him. Although her father says “no,” when one is determined enough, love just might find a way.


by Margaret Tanner

Matrice Standing Cover sm.png

When America declared war on the German Empire in 1917, young men were drafted and thrown into the conflict on the Western Front.

A group of young women decided to help the war effort by writing to the soldiers. As Matrice Hamilton corresponds with several young men, only one claims her heart.


Will he come home to her if he survives the carnage on the frontlines? If so, can they find love and fulfillment together, or will the dark clouds of war overshadow them forever?


Ilianna Standing Cover sm.png

Chased from their comfortable life by scandal, Ilianna Winters and her family board a ship bound for a new destiny. But tragedy continues to plague the Winters as they seek out a place to rebuild their lives.

As the world totters on the brink of madness, Ilianna finds compassion among her companions in the Ladies Victory League. Still, social constraints and dark secrets hamper the young woman’s potential within high society - until she is blessed to find a kindred spirit amongst her correspondence.


Pulled into a desperate scheme to save his lifelong friend, Captain Calhoun Petersen assumes the man’s identity. But Cal finds it impossible to separate himself from the sweet-spirited lady who brings light and joy to his war-torn world with her inspiring words.


When the smoke has settled, and the conflict ceased, can two scarred souls find a way to trust again – not just in themselves, but also in each other?


Aria Standing Cover sm.png

Aria’s letter-writing campaign to the Doughboys was a kindness that turned into a journey of the heart. Corresponding with Donald, Joey, and the others became a part of her life. Until one unexpected soldier, Dakota Knox, changed her dreams of becoming a missionary. Instead, the young woman pleads for her new love’s safe return.

As an orphan, joining the army meant becoming part of something meaningful to Dakota. But something strange happens as he reads a sweet lady’s letters. As he trains for the conflict, Dakota experiences an unexpected tug on his heart – the light of love flaming to life for the first time. Torn between duty and desire, the anxious soldier wonders if he will make it back to Aria. Or will he succumb to the savage fury of the Great War?

The Story Behind the Already Home Series

Sunflower Season FB Header.jpg

Charity Begins at Home


The world immediately rallied around the Ukrainian people when news of their plight circulated. And just as quickly, a group of 70+ authors pulled together an extraordinary charity anthology to fund humanitarian aid for women, children, and the elderly affected by the war there. That enormous group effort produced “Sunflower Season” – almost 8,000 pages of romance.

As one of the contributing authors, Michele Pollock Dalton searched her idea file for a story to share in the anthology. And she grabbed onto the original music written by her partner, Rick Barr. “The lyrics of  ’Already Home’ tell such a poignant story on their own, but Rick let me flesh it out and give it some context. So, centering my manuscript on a soldier returning from war really resonated,” she said.


Yet, even in her telling of the tale, one story wasn’t enough, and the series was born – a group of seven authors banding together to put the whole adventure on the page.


And best of all, the result will add additional funds to humanitarian relief around the world – 10% of all proceeds from the “Already Home” series will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse. This non-profit organization provides global emergency services and relief funds to those in need.

Sunflower Seasons Anthology

The “Sunflower Seasons” anthology is only available through July 31, 2022, but you can purchase it here. All proceeds from “Sunflower Seasons” will fund humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine.

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