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A Chance for Belle

Can love withstand a deadly instance of mistaken identity?

Quiet and artistic, Belle Cummings is content with her paints, her family, and her life on the Cummings-Thomas Ranch. While she hopes for marriage and children, she's hardly one to stir up trouble, unlike her sister Lara.

But trouble finds her anyway--in the form of a handsome, injured cowboy.

Titus Moore came to Last Chance for the opportunities rumored to exist for hard workers in the slowly revitalizing town. He expected to find out if the rumors were true--but he didn't expect to be shot on his way into town. And he certainly never imagined a sweet, blonde angel finding him and nursing him back from the edge of death.

Belle is skeptical of Titus at first, and he isn't certain she can be trusted. But as they spend more time together, they slowly begin to discover there is more to one another than they first thought. When Belle learns that someone in town thinks Titus is someone he isn't, they agree it's best if he remains hidden, at least until he's recovered.

But it isn't long before someone discovers Belle's secret. And Titus will need to make a decision about what's more important--his own life, or hers.

A Chance for Belle is a sweet and clean historical Western romance. It can be read as a standalone, or enjoyed as part of the multi-author Last Chance Brides series.

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