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A Chance for Niamh

Forced by the contents of her Grammy’s will, Niamh Emer moves to the last place on earth taking the family horse racing business with her. Alone in Last Chance, Nebraska during a drought was not how she planned to spend the rest of her life.

Sent by the university, Professor Rory Cormac moves to Western Nebraska to start an extension farm. He is confident the research on sugar beets and other crops will help to revitalize agriculture in the region.

When he discovers his new neighbor races horses, his life speeds up in a way he never imagined.

Future Last Chance Brides:
A Chance for Aoife, A Chance for Tierney, and A Chance for Roisin bring three more Emer cousins to Last Chance to work in the family race horse business. The extension farm continues experimenting for the university. Neighbor Corky remains grumpy, but will the cousins and the rest of the community continue to befriend him? Will his hardened heart ever soften?
Stay tuned to find out.

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