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The Marshal Takes A Bride

The Marshal's Mother Wants Grandchildren.
Marshal Tucker Burnett has cleaned up his gunslinger past and is now a respectable lawman. But he's determined to remain single even after his crafty mother has found eligible women for his brothers to marry. Until Dr. Sarah James returns home to Fort Worth, Texas due to an urgent telegram. Tucker is unable to forget that one night in Tombstone when Sarah patched up his body and his soul. Yet Sarah has returned with a secret of her own. A secret that could change Tucker forever.

What Reviewers Are Saying About This Western Historical Romance!
“I love the twist and turns. The author really gives you the feel of the old west towns and people.” ~~ reading tweety
“The best thing about this book....1. It was a western. 2.It was a romance. 3.It was a boxed set. 4.It was easy to read. 5.It was easy to pick up where I left off when I had to put it down. Great reading!” ~~ B. Mashburn
“Loved this book! Great to see Tucker finally fall in love. Great character chemistry. gunslinger and action. You also get to catch up with the family from the previous two books.” ~~ Loved this book.
“This was a great love story, plus a great western. There were 3 series to this book and I enjoyed all 3.” ~~ Susan J Stainbrook

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