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The Bodyguard, The Actress, and the Matchmaking Ghost

Texas billionaire Tucker Burnett keeps his international acclaimed security business and personal life separate even when he’s protecting the world’s most beautiful women. When his client is almost killed, he takes her to the only place where he knows she’ll be safe – his family’s ranch – and hopes his ancestral ghost behaves herself.

Madison Wood is the biggest star in Hollywood, but she’s got a secret. Someone wants her dead. When her handsome bodyguard whisks her away to the boonies, she’s more than a little miffed. Especially, when he gives her exactly what she needs.

When she leaves the lure of Hollywood behind, the Burnett ghost insists that Madison can have the family she’s always longed for with the man who would lay down his life for her, but can she give up the life of luxury and fame to be a rancher’s wife?

Does their love have a ghost of a chance?

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