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After You Type "The End"

The real work starts as soon as you complete your manuscript. If you'd rather focus on your writing, then let us take the reins on getting your story ready for readers.

A Happily Ever For Your Story 

From full-service publishing to a'la carte design and marketing services, we've got your next book covered from start to finish.

Expand Your Market to Audiobooks

Are you ready to embrace the next wave in your writing journey? Our passel of talented and experienced narrators will bring your characters to life. And our unique pricing, marketing, and support structure ensures that your audiobooks become a vital part of growing your author brand.

Freelancer Working from Home

individualized solutions

It is our goal to provide the resources needed to inspire, equip, and encourage authors during every step of their publishing journey.

From the second an idea sparks to the awesome moment you hold that printed book in your hand, we help you navigate the extraordinary (and sometimes bumpy) pathway to authorship.


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Keep full reign of your publishing process, but receive the services you need to get your book ready to go out into the world.

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Partnership Publishing provides the assistance you need while providing the knowledge required to establish your success.

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We will provide feedback and a development plan that meets your vision, timeline, and budget.

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seeking submissions

More information coming soon.

Seeking Submissons
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