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A Chance for Candace

A new life awaits in Last Chance, Nebraska - Or will the secret Candace carries with her be revealed?

Candace 'Candy' Sweigart sees an advertisement for a storefront far enough away from Chicago where she can start over and keep her mentor's secret receipts (recipes) away from those who want to ruin his legacy. When she arrives, she finds out the storefront was sold to her by a shyster. Now, she has another problem to solve. How does she share a building with a rival baker when she wants to be the only sweet shop in town?

Jessie Logan had no idea Candace purchased the same building he did. His father and Candace's mentor were rival business owners, always fighting and trying to out-shine each other. Since he knew his father would never change his ways, Jessie struck out on his own to prove his worth. He thought Last Chance was the perfect place until he gets there and has to deal with Candace.

Since no lawyers were readily available to solve this problem, the sheriff comes up with a grand idea for a contest, letting the people of the town judge their creations. The winner gets to stay in the building and the loser has to find another building. Neither one plan to lose.

Can Candace and Jessie find a truce or will one of them have to give up everything they've worked for. Or, will love find them both wanting more than to be rival business owners. Dare they break the chains from the past?

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