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From full-service publishing to a'la carte design and marketing services, we've got your next book covered from start to finish.

​You know what they say about second chances and first impressions! So, put your best foot forward with professional logos, websites, book covers, and more.

With affordability in mind, the Barr26 team strives to provide the services you need to establish yourself as a credible author in the vast sea of books that are published each year.

Most importantly, we understand the process and can help guide you in a way that allows you to maintain your autonomy while supplementing the professional and technical aspects.

And all services are pay-as-you-go, so you can carefully budget your expenses without sacrificing quality.

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freedom & functionality

Self-publishing is a journey – one you must be prepared for if you want to reach your goals. But, with the appropriate insight and preparation, it is an adventure that opens the door to opportunity.

At Barr26, we understand the complex needs of authors in today's oversaturated market - because we are authors ourselves.

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our services

Cover Design
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editing &

The real work starts as soon as you complete your manuscript. If you'd rather focus on your writing, then let us take the reins on getting your story ready for readers. Or, if you have a story to tell, but need a little help, we are here to give it a voice.

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web design & automation

An author website is the foundation of your selling platform, so make it shine! We can design a custom site or choose from one of our affordable templates. Our value-packed packages ensure that your website is your #1 sales tool.

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videos & trailers

Video content is the most reliable way to create viral, shareable posts for your favorite social media platforms. And, they are more affordable than you might think. Invest in a terrific marketing tool that will give your book a great boost.

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cover design & formatting

People will judge your book by its cover; so, don't skimp on this important first impression! Budget-friendly pre-made covers are available; and, we are always excited to design something unique specific for your project.

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author branding

Building your author platform can be an exhausting process; but, we can help with your logo. Plus, we can design all of your "bling" from bookmarks to banners to t-shirts and more. If you can dream, we can help you create it!

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voiceover & audiobooks

Fall in love with your characters all over again as you hear them come to life in your very own audiobook. The audiobook market is a booming business. Don't miss out on this fabulous new revenue stream for your books!

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custom illustrations

Discuss the unique and exciting possibility of adding custom illustrations to your book! Our talented commercial and portrait artist can take your concept and make it a vibrant reality.

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direct marketing

Developing your author platform, email list, social media content, and advertising plan can be an intimidating prospect - one that requires a good deal of time and energy. But you're not alone. Let us give you hand with one time tasks or regular maintenance.

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partnership publishing

You've written a book, so now what? If you want to focus your time and energy on creating your next story, then let us take the reigns and get your completed manuscript ready to publish on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the other retailers.

Web Design
Direct Marketing
Videos & Trailers
Editing & Ghostwriting
Author Branding
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