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A Chance for Christmas

Is love really worth the risk?
Christmas Macy’s life takes a dramatic turn when her parents suddenly die at the age of eight. She’s forced to live in an orphanage near Denver, Colorado, with a woman who doesn’t take kindly to children, and most definitely not to Christmas.
Now in her twenties, Christmas is called in to Mrs. Finch’s office and receives news she must leave the orphanage and go to work in a boarding house as a cook and maid in Last Chance, Nebraska. Christmas is heartbroken. The only home she’s known for over fourteen years is being stripped away, along with her best friend, Cordelia. She travels to the drought ridden town not knowing what her future holds. Being told over and over she’s unworthy of love, she lets go of the dream of having a family of her own, especially after she meets him.
Jacob Lovejoy’s sudden death of his mother leaves him and his father spinning. In his and his pa’s grief, he struggles with finding the joy he once had. He can’t seem to move away from the pain of losing his ma, let alone help his pa figure out how to move on without the love of his life.
When Jacob meets Christmas, he’s instantly drawn to the dark-haired beauty. But watching his father’s sadness, he isn’t sure he wants to experience the heartache love will ultimately bring.
Can Christmas help Jacob see love is worth the risk?

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