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A Chance for Diane

Diane Merrill is a spinster nanny who is helping Jenna with her children. Although Diane has found friendship with Jenna and Leah Clarke, she wonders why she can’t have a family of her own. A shortage of rain and eligible men in Last Chance, Nebraska, makes it difficult if not impossible for a woman that is more mouse than lion. Then Diane stares in the mirror at her drab appearance, and she stops wondering.
Kent, the salesman, Holloway rides into Last Chance in his Duryea Automobile. He sees opportunities instead of hardship and sets up a land agency and automobile sales lot. Nothing is impossible to him. And with a town full of women looking for a husband, he can have his pick. But he is not looking.
Until he meets Diane. Kent takes her on as a project to prove he can do the impossible.

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