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A Chance for Lanie

Can God really bring good out of tragedy?
Samuel Harden’s life turns upside down when tragedy strikes, leaving him a broken man, physically and mentally. He can’t take the looks of pity and sadness every time he leaves his father’s mercantile in the town of Silver Springs. What he needs is a fresh start, to go somewhere no one knows him or his circumstances, to make a name for himself. A sudden opportunity arises in Last Chance, Nebraska.
Leaving his family and friends behind, Sam goes to the drought-ridden state of Nebraska, longing to make a difference in the lives of others as well as make things right in his own life. When he arrives, he meets a woman who threatens to steal his heart.
Lanie Carlisle is struck speechless when her older brother informs her he sold their childhood home without her consent. Having just lost her father, she’s still grieving when Bart drops this on her lap.
Not knowing what her future holds, Lanie struggles to accept what God has in store for her. And then she meets the new owner of her home.
Can Sam and Lanie find common ground as they work together and maybe find love in the process, or will their own pasts hinder what God has in store for their future?

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