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A Chance for Leah

Leah Braden chose to remain on the family farm. Her mother, Claire, and stepfather Ethan take their younger children, Amelia and Jess, to Chicago to seek medical treatment for little Jess’s hearing loss.
Surprised that she is the one left to carry on the farm for her father, Leah is determined to outlast the drought and make a go of it. The town of Last Chance has a new well that has brought life to the dying town. Now, if only she could find a life of her own.
Devon Clarke is visiting his distant relative who works for Leah. He came all the way from New York, but then, he had to. He falls for Leah. Or is she just another easy mark for his con man ways? He's not even sure. Hard times and the drought have made it difficult to find work. Leah just might be his last chance.

*** Leah Braden is Claire's daughter from Book 2 of The Blizzard Brides.
Welcome to Last Chance, Nebraska. If you liked The Blizzard Brides, you are going to love Last Chance Brides. After the drought of 1893 and the crop failure of 1894, Last Chance finds itself on the brink of death once more. Most of the townspeople have departed, businesses have closed, and the town is nearly bankrupt.
Can a group of young women, convince men to take a chance on a town called Last Chance and help rebuild the town they love? Will these marriages succeed under such harsh conditions, or will love dry up and scatter like the prairie tumbleweeds?
This is an interconnected multi-author project, but each book is a complete story with a HEA ending, no cliffhangers. They can be read alone but should be read in order for the most enjoyment

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