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A Chance for Mariah

Running for his life, young Clinton Volfbreight changes his name to Clinton Tyree and lands in Last Chance, Nebraska, where he sets up a farm and a life for himself and his mother, who has a mysterious illness and too many secrets. His mother contacts a friend of his from his old life, Clarissa Klein, who travels all the way from Pittsburgh, PA, in the hopes of marrying a man descended from royalty. Nothing more would propel Clarissa's prospects in high society than marrying Clinton.

The day that almost cost Mariah Roberts her life was the day she also fell in love. But she was so young back then. Now that she is older and he needs a nurse for his mother, she's found Clinton again and reintroduces herself. She knows that nursing is one of the skills she excels at, aside from working with metal. But will the sting of heartache drive Mariah away from Last Chance? It might be the only chance she has.

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