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A Chance for Mary Rose

She had loved him ever since she was a schoolgirl. He never gave her a second glance. What happens when a secret threatens to destroy the peace they’ve finally found?

Mary Rose Taylor has been in love with her best friend's brother for as long as she can remember. It doesn't matter that he has never seen her as anything more than a nuisance. When he leaves Last Chance, and Mary Rose behind, how can she mend her broken heart, much less forgive him for promises he never made?

Arthur James had no intention of getting married, and certainly not to his sister's best friend. He enjoys his carefree life until the town he loves is ravished by a drought that nearly destroys his family. He leaves to find work, along with many of the other eligible men in town. Witnessing a crime, he returns to Last Chance, hoping to put the horrible events behind him, but how long can he keep his secrets hidden?

When Arthur returns a changed man, can Mary Rose break through the dark shell and reach the man she knows is inside? When danger comes calling for Mary Rose, can Arthur protect her where he failed protecting another? When he discovers Mary Rose has grown up, will he realize his future was in front of him all along.

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