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A Groom for Agatha

A widow woman wanting to save her farm, an honorable man with the means to save it, the forbidden love that may save them both.

Agatha Waters has embraced widowhood after she loses her husband of twenty years. She had a wonderful marriage and isn't greedy for more. When the pastor of Last Chance forces the women to send for new spouses, she drags her feet doing it. When she discovers her farm is in trouble, a chance visit from a family friend gives her an answer to her problem in a most unique way.

Lance Montcalm has loved Agatha for a long time, but never thought he would be able to express it. When the opportunity comes for him to help her, he proposes a risky plan -- she marries him for a short time to obtain the financial assistance needed to save her farm.

Would their temporary marriage give Lance a chance for Agatha grow to love him? Or will it simply save the farm and break his heart?

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