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A Groom for Altar

Altar Pennington isn't like most of the widows in Last Chance, Nebraska. After a blizzard takes her husband's life, she's neither mournful nor joyful at his death. Her biggest concern isn't how she's going to live now that she's a widow; but how is she going to raise a child on her own? When the preacher demands that all the widows remarry or leave town, she is forced to seek a husband to provide a father for her child.

When former steel driver Wolfe Laingsburg receives Altar Pennington's letter, he accepts her proposal to meet in Last Chance and from there decide if they can form a life together. Arriving in town, he unwittingly sets a chain of events that lead to Altar and himself being found in a compromising position. With the preacher breathing down their necks to wed for the sake of propriety, Wolfe must make the decision if he can marry a woman he doesn't know much about.

Altar and Wolfe are forced to trust each other...but is trust the only element needed to build a marriage upon, especially when a danger from her dead husband's past rears its head, threatening her life and the life of her child. Will trust be enough for Altar to depend on Wolfe to protect her family? Would it be enough for Wolfe to risk his life to save a woman he barely knows?

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