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A Groom for Bailey

It was just a harmless, little lie...
Widow Bailey Bryson writes scholarly articles under the masculine-sounding name of Dr. Perseus Stone.

When handsome reporter Collin Winchester comes to Last Chance, Nebraska seeking an interview with the good doctor, a whirlwind of lies and confusion tears through the town.

No one knows what to believe, especially since the truth is mingling so well with the fiction.

And Bailey is caught in the middle.

She knows the truth will set her free, but then she learns Collin has come to Last Chance to smear Dr. Stone’s reputation -

A man who does not exist, yet one the town is now bent on protecting.

How can she and Collin get at the truth—especially when their hearts are hiding secrets, too?

Grab this Christian Clean and Wholesome Historical Western Romance in The Blizzard Brides Series today!

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