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A Groom for Fancy

Check out the final installment in the popular Blizzard Brides series. Will Pastor Collins finally get his comeuppance?

A preacher’s daughter that's determined to see the good in everything; a preacher trying to atone for the sins of the past and the calling that brings them both together.

Francesca Yates left the sanctuary of the life she had known and moved to Last Chance hoping for a fresh start. Taking the time to heal from her own losses after the horrible blizzard that claimed so many lives, she lived in solitude, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t been paying attention to what was happening in the town, or the man causing all the drama. A man she had covertly loved for years.

Barnaby Collins had made quite a reputation for himself in Last Chance and now needed to make amends. He prides himself on saving the widowed women of Last Chance from worldly temptations or the desires of the men coming to town seeking to take advantage of their vulnerability. What he doesn’t expect is his secret yearning to be lurking in his own backyard and she knows every single one of his confidences.

When Barnaby realizes that Fancy isn’t prepared to let him carry on as he has without interference, what can he do to convince her to leave? When she threatens to expose his darkest secret to town, will it be his undoing, or the moment of comeuppance the town has been waiting for? Can a bitter pastor find forgiveness from the women of Last Chance? When fire and brimstone meet patience and stubbornness, can Fancy help Barnaby remember God’s grace and mercy and find a second chance at love?

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