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A Groom for Millie

When the freak blizzard of 1878 kills most of the men in a small Nebraska town, what does it mean for the surviving women and children?

Millie Reed is trying to do it all. She is a mother, the local schoolteacher, and trying to keep her husband's horse ranch going. She knows her husband is never coming home after he died in the blizzard that killed so many men. She needs help, so why is she so hesitant about the letter she mailed to a stranger? What she doesn't expect is to find a man hiding in her barn, or his outrageous story of innocence. But beggars can't be choosers and Mille needs help. If he wasn't so handsome and making Millie feel things she thought had died.

Robert "Deuce" Taylor is no stagecoach robber. He made his living as a gambler. How was he supposed to know that he would be wrongly accused of being a part of the elusive Myron Gang? When he is injured during a misunderstanding, he needs to find a place to hide and tend his wound until he can prove his innocence. He didn’t count on the local schoolteacher and her enchanting daughter, offering him shelter while he heals.

When Millie's groom is scheduled to arrive, will Robert be able to let her go? When Robert's past catches up with him is Millie in danger of losing more than just her horses? Can love be found in a town called Last Chance?

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