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A Groom for Rachel

Nineteen-year-old Rachel Kayden’s worst nightmares never included being widowed a month after she married John. She decides her marriage vows also meant caring for their horse ranch regardless of the hardships. Rachel’s mother never wanted her to marry and leave home. John’s death gives her the perfect reason to try and force Rachel to return home. Samuel Ashworthy, the son of a prominent Philadelphia furniture manufacturer, refuses to marry any of the women his father chooses. He seeks adventure, and the West appeals to him, but his father has threatened to disown him if he leaves. When he inherits his grandfather’s racehorse estate, Samuel no longer needs to remain in Philadelphia. A newspaper advertisement seeking a husband might be the answer, but Rachel’s mother has other ideas. Will a young couple brought together by unthinkable circumstances find love or live a life of convenience forced on them? This is a sweet romance.

Out of the Ashes sm_edited.jpg
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