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Adoring April

April Calendar might be a little obsessed with Christmas. Or a lot. As far as she's concerned, Christmas isn't just the most wonderful time of year, it's basically her reason for existing! Now, if she could--just once--manage to win the annual town Christmas Tree Decorating Contest and win the money her family's ranch so desperately needs, she'll be able to prove her Christmas obsession is actually useful!

Too bad she can't come up with a winning theme. And too bad she's paired up with the ranch's grumpy new handyman in her attempts to win the matter how hot he is.

Cole Carpenter only took on this new job because he wants to save money for the house he's building. He doesn't need the distraction of an adorable, far too energetic, Christmas-obsessed lady. And he definitely doesn't need to worry about some stupid tree-decorating contest.

But it's hard to deny her enthusiasm, though silly, is starting to make him feel pretty good inside. And it's impossible to deny how good she feels in his arms. Maybe there's something to this whole "Magic of the Christmas Season" thing after all. Maybe that's all it'll take for a grinch and an elf to find love this year!

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