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An Agent for Claudette

An optimistic widow longing for freedom. A roguish womanizer longing to settle down. Thrown together, they must solve a case that could split them apart forever.

Determined to make her mark as a Pinkerton Agent, Claudette LeBas leaves everything she knows and sets out on a new adventure. When she meets Bronson Wauneka, one of the best trackers in the Pinkerton’s arsenal, his unsettling good looks and charm make her rethink her own goals in life. When she discovers she has to marry her trainer, she wonders if she's signing up for more than she bargained for.

Tired of his womanizing moniker, Bronson is ready to embrace his future and train the optimistic widow as a Pinkerton Agent. But marrying her – even in name only – makes him take a look at his life and he finds that he wants a woman by his side.

When love is on the line, can they both do their jobs and continue to stay alive?

This is a sweet romance that discusses some delicate topics such as slavery, human trafficking and the treatment of people of color in the post-Civil War western states.

Each book in the Pinkerton Matchmaker series is a stand-alone book, but you can read them in order to fully enjoy the series:
The Pinkerton Matchmaker – Christine Sterling & Marianne Spitzer
An Agent for Lucy – Amelia Adams
An Agent for Regina – Marianne Spitzer
An Agent for Wilhelmina - Sophie Dawson
An Agent for Claudette – Christine Sterling
An Agent for Audrey - Laura Beers
An Agent for Victoria - Kate Marie Clark
An Agent for Elizabeth - Julia Ridgmont
An Agent for Cecily - Marie Higgins
An Agent for Charity - Patricia PACJAC Carroll
An Agent for Diana - Rebecca Connelly
An Agent for Belle - Nerys Leigh
An Agent for Ada - H.L. Roberts
An Agent for Arielle - Parker J. Cole

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