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An Agent for Marianne

A beloved secretary, the Pinkerton detective she’s been secretly in love with; the event that will force them to confront their feelings for each other.

Marianne Chapman has been in love with her broody boss for years. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to return her feelings. Determined to squash her infatuation, she leaves Denver, CO for the Pinkerton home office, convinced time and distance will cure her of her traitorous feelings towards Denver's lead agent.

Archibald Gordon doesn’t know how to deal with the desire he has for his fiery redheaded assistant. He has always treated their relationship strictly professional, regardless of how she consumes his every thought. When Marianne suddenly leaves to help the Female Detective Bureau, Archie has to admit that he can’t survive without her. When Archie’s best friend is kidnapped, he asks her to help him solve the case.

Will Marianne help Archie solve the one case that is too close for comfort? When a disaster threatens, will Archie be able to overcome his reservations and convince Marianne to give them a chance?

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