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Astonishing August

August "Sparky" Calendar is a simple sort of gal. Blue jeans, sneakers, and her colorful headwraps are all she needs in life...outside of her epic gaming laptop, her lucky voltmeter, and all of her ghost-hunting equipment. Sparky is determined to become Cauldron Valley's resident supernatural investigator and is doing her best to be professional, which is a little difficult when she keeps tripping over her own two feet.

Jax Weston is at his wits' end. He may be a high-powered CEO, but he simply can't function without sleep. And thanks to the strange noises and creepy voices haunting the house he just moved into, he hasn't been able to rest at all. When he hires a local ghost-hunter, he doesn't see any reason why "August" shouldn't move in with him for a week to investigate this strange phenomenon.

But the investigator isn't a man, as Jax had assumed. Instead, she's the adorable little bundle of energy he'd almost kissed at his brother's wedding reception...and the attraction he'd felt then hasn't lessened one bit. Sleep might be the last thing on Jax's mind now that Sparky is living with him!

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