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Benjamin's Bride

What did Benjamin mean by “you’re everything”? And did she only imagine his softly whispered words … “a man could want”?

Benjamin enjoys his easy friendship with Georgina. So when she announces she is selling her café and leaving town, his world is suddenly turned upside down. He can’t imagine life without Georgina, even though she deserves far more than what he has to offer.

Georgina refuses to stay in Bullet, taken for granted by the bachelor cowboy she has secretly loved forever. No longer content to be Benjamin’s confidante, his support, his best friend, she elects to carve a new life for herself in another part of the country. But fate has other plans. And Benjamin has competition for Georgina’s attention.

Benjamin’s Bride concludes Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and like the rest of the series contains no explicit sex and very few cuss words.

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