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Besotted Bob

Marta Martinez is alone for the first time in her life. She has two wonderful sons and a baby on the way, but her husband has been killed in a shootout with the police. Not having any other options, Marta turns to a man who has a good reputation in the community, praying he’ll give her a job so she can continue to feed her children and keep the baby growing inside her alive.
Bob Calendar has always loved his family more than anything, and he has devoted his life to taking care of his younger sisters. After his last sister finally marries, he feels free in a way he never has. When a young mother with two children and another on the way asks for a job, he automatically finds some way she can help around the ranch, wanting to do so much more for her.
Will Marta be able to accept the help Bob offers her and forgive herself for unknowingly being married to a criminal? Or will she spend the rest of her life making amends for something she didn’t do wrong?

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