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She’s a woman who dreams of hearth and home... He’s a man with dreams as big as the Montana sky... Together they could make those dreams come true…if she wasn’t promised to another. Caroline Bishop leaves war-ravaged Charleston behind to be a mail-order bride for a man she’s never met. Meeting handsome Adam Larsen, a man who makes her pulse race with a single glance, along the way seems like a cruel twist of fate, especially when she learns he lives in the same small town she’s headed to. But fate isn’t through with them yet. When circumstances beyond her control once again leave her afloat, she’s convinced destiny put her in Adam's path so why hasn’t he asked for her hand in marriage? And why does it look as if he never will? Can a little bit of Christmas magic bring them together? Or will she once again spend the holidays alone?

Out of the Ashes sm_edited.jpg
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