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Twin Mail Order Brides Running From the Law

After Cora Weaver kills her twin sister’s attacker, they flee the law by Cora becoming a mail-order bride. Answering an ad in the Mail Order Bride Gazette, the sisters find themselves in the wilds of Angel Creek, Montana. Will the Charleston authorities find them here?

Mack Lawson lost a bet to his brother and now he has to order a mail-order bride. Only Mack isn’t certain his wounded heart can accept another cheating woman. When he sees how beautiful Cora is, he knows there's no way she'll be happy in a nowhere place like Angel Creek. She'll cause trouble, and he's suffered enough torment from a woman. With a failed marriage behind him, how can he give his heart a second time?

With Christmas coming, will there be a double wedding or will their pasts tear the couples apart and send Cora to hang?

Come back to Angel Creek, Montana, where Christmas Spirit abounds and a happily ever after is guaranteed.

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