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A lost soul story. Enemies to lovers - Emma Bowen and her friends have lost nearly everything to the war and starting over has been almost impossible for the Charleston women. So, when their friend, Caroline, received an encouraging letter from Julia Bailey offering a solution to their problems, they all jumped at the chance to leave the ravages of war behind.

Colin Cassidy, former Union Army captain, was reported killed in battle more than a year ago. And after what he has done, he’d rather let everyone go on thinking him dead. He’d rather spend the rest of his worthless life numbing his guilt at the bottom of a whiskey bottle than have his family learn the truth about what he's done. But when his brother, Quinn, shows up on his doorstep, he kidnaps Colin and forces him to spend Christmas in Angel Creek, Montana.

Emma wants to find a purpose for her life. Colin doesn't want a life at all. Can a Christmas miracle bring two enemies together through one more Christmas miracle?

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