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Fulfilling February

February "Val" Calendar is one of twelve adopted sisters, and she loves her entire huge and utterly crazy family. She really and truly does. It's just that lately...well, lately, she's been wondering about this empty feeling inside, this desire to be a part of something more.

She wonders if it's a result of not knowing her birth family, and Val's initial research has indicated a few options open to her. She's determined to use them all in her search to find where she really belongs.

Cord O'Connor is thrilled when he opens his front door one November afternoon to discover a gorgeous woman on his doorstep...but decidedly less thrilled when she tells him she might be his sister. He knows there's no way she's related to him, but before he can move their relationship in the direction he wants it to go, he's going to have to convince her of that, and the only option is to join her in her search for fulfillment.

But the more he gets to know Val, the more Cord realizes finding her birth family isn't going to fill the emptiness inside her. It's up to him to prove to Val she is already as loved as she possibly could be!

Now, if only he can convince her being related to him--not as a sibling--might be the most wonderful choice either of them has ever made, they'll both have a reason to be thankful this holiday season!

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