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Sometimes, love gets in the way of the best laid plans.

After a chance encounter on her family ranch, Glenda Farnsworth is instantly attracted to Joseph Kilpatrick, a handsome Irishman who recently arrived in Angel Creek. In an effort to impress her friends, she gets him to kiss her that very day. Unfortunately, the kiss affects her more than she expected.

Joseph Kilpatrick was a city rat in Ireland, stealing and begging for food. Opening a gun shop in America is a dream come true and he is determined not be distracted from his goal to make something of himself. However, when he meets a pretty young woman who kisses him on their first encounter, he is instantly smitten and must reconsider his priorities.

With the Christmas social looming and her mother’s attempts at matchmaking, Glenda and her sisters, Beth and Sybil, are in for a whirlwind of a holiday season.

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