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Joyful January

Jana Calendar loves her life working with special needs girls at her family’s ranch. When her favorite child loses yet another foster home, she decides to be the one to get her out of the system and adopt her. Working closely with Aubrey’s social worker is no hardship. When there is a glitch in her plans, the two of them work together quickly to find a solution.

Brandon Ziegler has been a social worker since he left college, and little Aubrey has his heart in the palm of her hand. When a solution is offered to have one of Aubrey’s favorite people adopt her, he jumps at the chance and determines to do whatever he can to make it happen. The fact that Jana is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen makes it even easier.

When the two of them find a creative solution that will not only get Aubrey out of foster care but bring the two of them closer together, it seems like a good answer, but how well could it work? Is it worth changing your entire life for the sake of a young orphan?

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