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Just July

Julia Calendar, the seventh of the twelve Calendar sisters, feels as if she is just another month of the year. Her sisters all have amazing talents that set them apart, but there’s nothing she really excels at. She watches as her six elder sisters fall in love and marry, and she knows she’s expected to be next, but how could a man fall in love with her? She’s just July.
Brent Collings is a survivor. His wife Andrea died eighteen months before of breast cancer, and he was forced to be the one to go on with two sons. A rancher and the manager of the Cauldron Valley recreation center, he decides to hire someone to teach art, simply so his younger son can take classes with someone proficient. As soon as he sees Julia Calendar, something he said he would never do. He saw her and wanted to spend time with her. In a romantic way.

Can these two unlikely people really fall in love? Or will Brent go on being the lone survivor? And will Julia ever realize she’s anything more than just July?

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