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Such a tiny lie…
Desperation drove her…
She couldn’t know the risk…

Melody stretched the truth a bit—quite a bit—when she wrote to her groom-to-be. After the death of her grandmother, Melody Fraser must quickly leave what has been her home in South Carolina. There are those in the village who think she murdered her Nana Fraser. She’s innocent but there’s talk about arrest and prosecution. To escape, this Southern belle agrees to become a mail-order bride in far away Montana. Surely things will work out, won’t they?

Nicholas “Nick” Walker is a doctor from Boston whose wife and children were killed when mortar fire destroyed the home in which they lived. Unaware of precisely what life in western Montana will be like, he buys a medical practice far from the ravages of the Civil War. He wants a competent nurse who can assist him with operations and care for patients as his plans expand for a hospital. He wants a well-organized wife to keep him company and start a family. With his usual efficiency, he combines the two into one job description when he requests a mail-order bride.
What will it take to teach Nick that—although she isn’t what he expected—Melody is exactly what he needs?

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