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Merry March

Marci Calendar loves the children she teaches at the Calendar Girls’ Ranch, and she loves her family whole-heartedly. However, she doesn’t believe in love between a man and a woman. She’s seen two of her sisters fall in love, but she knows it could never happen to her.

Thomas Latham agrees to be the official electrician for the first year of the Calendar Girls’ Ranch’s drive-through Christmas display. He knows he’ll need to spend a lot of time at the ranch to get it all wired up, and he has a short period of time to do it all. The family decided to add the display at the last minute in order to earn a bit more money for the ranch and the scholarships they give out every year.

When Marci first sees Thomas, she isn’t sure what to think. He’s working hard for the family—and he’s the most handsome man she’s ever seen. When he asks her to be his date for the official tree-lighting ceremony, she agrees, but she knows it won’t go anywhere.

Will this mismatched couple be able to see past their differences to a future together? Or will Marci realize she’s been right all along?

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