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Narrating November

November “Novel” Calendar is ready to start her real life. She’s always lived at home, and she’s not able to truly research the way she needs to, so she calls a matchmaker whose specialty is introducing people at the altar. She’s convinced that a marriage of convenience is the only way for her to be truly happy. Novel has read enough romance novels to know she belongs with a tall, dark, and handsome man who is just waiting for her to complete his life.

Tyler Carrington is doing his best to raise three daughters on his own. When his ten-year-old starts asking questions that could be better answered by a woman, he decides it’s time to remarry—someone who won’t leave him with three little girls to raise on his own like his first wife did. He has no intention of falling in love with the woman he marries. The whole purpose of marrying is to get someone to be a mother to his girls, not to enjoy the companionship of a woman.

Will the two be able to come together in the end? Or will Novel get the real-life wake-up call she needs?

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