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Redeeming the Marquess

Miss Elizabeth Bentley is in a most precarious situation, that is, until fate intervenes and Lady Bideford agrees to host her for the London Season. Desperate to change her circumstances, she sets out to marry, and quickly. That is the only way to escape her current predicament. It makes perfect sense, except her plan has one problem - Lord Bideford. He is not at all pleased that she is residing under his roof, and he seems to undermine her at every opportunity.

Roswell Brooksbank, the Marquess of Bideford, finds most people to be insufferable, especially his mother’s new charity case. She is constantly getting in his way, and he is infuriated by her bold, unconventional speech. Additionally, she quickly becomes a distraction, and he doesn’t have any time for those. He is much too busy managing his estate and pursuing a lady who would make a suitable match for him.

Once the truth is revealed, Roswell agrees to help Ellie, but it won’t be as simple as it appeared in the beginning. They agree to a tentative ceasefire as they work to free her from the evil clutches of Lord Worthington, transforming their friendship into something more. However, their plan never included falling in love.

As the fourth novel in this series by author Laura Beers, this story continues the Proper Regency Matchmakers series. This is a light-hearted series set in the Regency period.

The series includes:

Saving Lord Berkshire
Reforming the Duke
Loving Lord Egleton
Engaging Lord Charles
Refining Lord Preston

Other books by Laura Beers include the The Beckett Files, Regency Brides: A Promise of Love and the Regency Spies & Secrets.

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