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Sweet September

Trying to find a way to help with the family’s scholarship fund, September “Berry” Calendar joins a cooking competition. Although she’s had no formal training as a chef, everyone agrees she’s the best cook around Cauldron Valley, so she hopes she won’t go down in a pile of burning ash. When a handsome man flirts with her on her first night at the competition, she knows he’ll flirt with any woman, because she is no prize.

Jack Larson agrees to judge a cooking competition that his mother had been very involved with before her death. He’s dreading having to go and be part of it, but on the first night there, he sees a woman who makes his heart beat faster. Her smile makes him feel like he could catch the stars in one hand, and he wants to give them all to her. When the competition is over, he asks her to help him with a party he’s having—one that he makes up on the spot to be able to see her after they return home to Montana.

Will Jack be able to use the extra time to convince Berry he’s more than just a playboy? Or will she spend the rest of her life mired in self-doubt?

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