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Teresa's Trouble

A wayward brother, his scoundrel of a partner, and some surprise visits by mysterious legendary beasts add troubles to their troubles.

Teresa Beldon is forced to leave her home by a half-brother who is always in trouble. With no choice, she finds herself on the stagecoach to Denver and headed to the gold camps. After getting directions in Denver, they drive up the mountain when a blizzard forces the wagon off the road. She is thrown free of the wagon only to lay hurt and alone.

Kade Sartain has lived alone near Buffalo Creek for the last three years with the intention of staying away from people all together. He wants to hide his shameful past. All he needed was his cabin and his cat, Marvin. Then he finds Teresa. He can’t leave her to die. So, he does the only thing he can, he brings her to his cabin to heal.

Then her brother comes, bringing more trouble with him. Just when it looks like it can't get worse, a snow storm locks them in the cabin and tension heats up. Then there is the mysterious legend of the Maxemista that even scares the cat.

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