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The Blizzard Brides

Welcome to Last Chance, Nebraska!

When the freak blizzard of 1878 kills most of the men in a small Nebraska town, what does it mean for the surviving women and children?

Realizing they need to find men of honor to help rebuild, the women place an advertisement in the Matrimonial Times.

Choosing a husband is more difficult than they thought, when there is an overwhelming response to the ad.

Will these Blizzard Brides find the second chance at love in a town called Last Chance?

This story is loosely based on the Blizzard of 1873 and the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888, where many men, women and children died in the unexpected storm. This book is a short story to introduce you to the town, the characters and the events that set up series.

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This is the first book in a multi-author project featuring many of your favorite authors:

Christine Sterling
Patricia PACJAC Carroll
Lynn Donovan
Cat Cahill
Laura Ashwood
Marie Higgins
Parker J. Cole
Marianne Spitzer
Heather Blanton
Marlene Bierworth.

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