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The Debutante's Scandal

Scandal at the Debutante Ball…
Much to her mother’s dismay, Meg Trippe isn’t interested in rushing to the altar. At twenty, she’s a forward-thinking woman who dreams of independence and never relying on a man. But her mother dreams of her marrying wealth. Unfortunately, Meg falls right into her mother’s scheme when she flees the debutante ball.

Martin Scott’s father is a wealthy railroad tycoon. With mothers shoving their eligible daughters at him like candy in the wedding market, marriage is the least of his desires. Until a young woman literally falls into his arms with her skirt above her head. Caught in a compromising position, the girl’s distraught mother and his powerful father force them to marry.

Will they divorce or can two strangers overcome their anger and build a life together? Could the defiant debutante and the spoiled rich boy be meant for one another?

Spicy historical romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

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