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Running from her abusive grandfather – broken and afraid – seventeen-year-old Valentia Brocato flees her homeland, hoping for a brighter future in America. Little does she realize that America is about to enter its own conflict – The Great War.

Abandoning her Italian heritage, and feeling lost in more ways than one, Valentia finds refuge with a kindly widow. But it isn’t until she meets a group of women her age that she finally discovers friendship. They invite her into their circle to write to the soldiers overseas, and Valentia easily slips into one letter – drawn to the man who wrote it.

His stories and words resonate with her, giving her a sense of home and healing she’s never felt. But can a lasting love blossom through words alone? Could they possibly find a future together when the soldiers return home?

When his letters suddenly stop coming, and all hope feels lost, will Valentia find the courage to keep moving forward? Will she find the courage to keep hope alive?

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