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Wild West Wedding

When she offers to help plan her older sister’s wedding, Dinky Redfern knows that she’ll have to pack up everything and move to Idaho temporarily. Luckily, this isn’t a big deal, because a) Dinky is able to fit her entire life—including her pet hedgehog—into her beat-up sedan, and b) her sister lives at a beautiful tourist-destination ranch. No hardship at all… until Dinky meets her handsome co-planner, the groom’s Best Man.

Jace Cunningham is everything that artistic Dinky isn’t: stable, responsible, uptight, and mouth-wateringly gorgeous. They’re total opposites, and definitely not good for each other. But… as the wedding planning continues, and the two of them are forced to work together, they discover that they might just be good with one another.

Jace might think that Dinky is too impulsive to consider a “forever” together, but he’s about to get a lesson in real spontaneity…

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