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fundraising opportunity

Are you tired of over-priced wrapping paper and peanuts? Then take a quick peek at our simple fundraising program:

  • Select from a variety of puzzle books to sell. We are expanding our themed books each month for a wide selection.

  • Our basic program offers low minimums, so you are not stuck with unwanted inventory or investing a large chunk of money at the beginning of your fundraiser.

  • Choose the fundraising format that works for your goals – buy inventory upfront for better pricing or order exactly what you need once you’ve completed your fundraising event.

  • Set your own price on the books you sell. We suggest a list price of $10 per book for easy accounting; but, you are in charge of your sales price. You make between $3.50 and $5.00 per unit.

  • Adoption Fundraisers

  • Faith-based Organizations

  • Humane Associations

  • Mission Trips

  • School Groups / PTA Groups

  • Senior Centers

  • Shelters & Food Programs

  • Youth Groups

  • Buddy Walks & Similiar Associations


long term potential

For faith-based non-profit organizations we also offer the opportunity to customize one of our puzzle books to help meet your long-term fundraising goals.

  • With this option, you can add custom pages to the puzzle book of your choice for a chance to advertise your cause or organization. The set-up fees are very affordable.

  • Your branded, customized puzzle book can be sold at any time via Amazon through our publishing house. Any royalties earned via Amazon for your custom puzzle book are paid quarterly.

  • Like the basic fundraising program, you can also purchase copies of your customized puzzle book at wholesale prices to sell whenever you’d like.

download the fundraising guide
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