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THE ALREADY HOME SERIES is a historical family saga that features the young women of the Ladies Victory League as they seek to alleviate the brave Doughboy’s loneliness during The Great War. What starts as simple correspondence between the girls and their soldiers develops into sweet romance as tender words are put to the page.

Based on original music by Rick Barr, this small town romance series features the song “Already Home.”

Already Home

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What readers are saying about

Already Home


Incredibly Touching

The author does such an excellent job of making you care about the characters that you will make you tear up.

- Jen R.


Beautifully Written

Another Beautifully Written Love Story Adventure. These books kept me turning pages. Please keep your books coming!

- Beverly S.


Great Read!

I am reading all the books in this series and loving them. Great books and Series!!

- Samantha



by Michele Pollock Dalton

Pen to Paper, Words Flow Like Sweet Wine

When an explosive conflict is determined to destroy lives the world over, Ruby Rose Risler undertakes her patriotic responsibility to the Doughboys being called to defend liberty “over there.” But Ruby’s civic duty becomes a labor of love when her newest pen pal sparks a sweet interest.

Farm boy Earnest Steiner cannot fathom the scope of the task before him when he’s pulled from small town America and dropped into the trenches of France. But the touching letters he receives from a gentle young woman provide a lifeline during his time on the Western Front.

Tender words spill across the years, page by page, but will Earnest find the lifetime promise he expects? Or will he discover the sweet dream pales once he is already home?



by Patricia PacJac Carroll

A new love and a determined young woman create an adventure set against the backdrop of the war to end all wars.

To say Maeva Stewart is not a patient young woman is an understatement. Full of ideas, she meets life head on – usually with her best friend and neighbor, Ruby Risler. Aside from Ruby’s good qualities as a friend, she also has a brother, Leo.

After giving cookies to the men leaving the train station for Camp Douglas, Maeva begins writing letters to those she doesn’t know. Then, drawing upon an untapped well of courage, she writes to tell Leo how she feels about him.

A telegram changes everything when Leo is injured in France, and Maeva wants to go to him. Although her father says “no,” when one is determined enough, love just might find a way.



by Barbara Goss

Love letters written by hand often land in the heart.

Tatianna Murray joins her best friends in writing to the men headed for Europe during World War I. Ryan’s letters stand out from the others. Two strangers find within the words something they both share: loneliness and the loss of their parents. As the correspondence continues, they find love, although they’ve never met.

While in the horrific war, Ryan carries a bit of Tatianna with him, a golden cross. When Ryan’s letters stop, Tatianna worries. Is he wounded, dead, or imprisoned by the enemy?

Tatianna mourns the man she’s never met and the happily ever after she might never attain. Will God step in and give them the happiness they deserve?



by Margaret Tanner