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A late morning mining accident casts gloom over the town of Blessings Valley. Over 20 souls were lost in an excavating explosion that has left several widows, friends, and townspeople mourning. The explosion occurred as the miners were coming out for lunch. A rescue force was sent out immediately to recover the bodies. Services are currently being arranged. Pray for these lost souls and their families.

Recently widowed laundress Vera Baldwin is pregnant and terrified of how she will provide for her unborn child. She has no family to turn to, neither her’s nor her late husband’s.

Assigned to investigate the mining accident that killed several men in Blessings Valley, undercover agent Jack Daniels is torn between duty and family when he learns Vera Baldwin is carrying his estranged brother’s child.

Can two strangers with broken hearts find love for the sake of an unborn child?

Here continues the stories of Elizabeth, Vera, Stella, Fannie, Vivian, Charlotte, Violet, and Willa herself, they are the Widows of Blessings Valley.

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