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Widows of Blessing Valley

Late morning mining accident casts a gloom over the town of Blessings Valley. Over twenty souls were lost in an excavating explosion that has left several widows, friends, and townspeople mourning. The explosion occurred as the miners were coming out for lunch. A rescue force was sent out immediately to recover the bodies. Services are currently being arranged. Pray for these lost souls and their families.
—Blessings Valley Chronicle

On a gray, chilling morning in the spring of 1892, seven women, all dressed in black, widows before their time, mourn with the people of Blessings Valley as the preacher begins the funerals of their husbands lost in a coal mining explosion. Sorrow etched on each of the ashen faces. All hope gone from their eyes.

Wilhelmina Alexander knows firsthand those feelings creeping into their minds and hearts. The anger. The grief. The questions of what to do next. The wondering of how they will ever survive. The betrayal if they ever find love again.
As the preacher concludes the last of his sermon, Willa promises those seven souls she’ll look after their wives. Help them learn to live again.

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