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A Sweet Romance Charity Anthology Filled with Family, Friends & Faith

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Family Ever After


Longing hearts, loving homes, and lively holidays combine in this Romantique Treasury with new contributions from nine fabulous authors. This warm-hearted romance anthology combines friends, families, and faith as hope blossoms in the lives of orphaned children. List of Stories >>>

Meet the Authors

Michele Brouder

Michele Pollock Dalton

Nancy Fraser

T.C. Hester



Get a sneak peek at this short story, by USA Today Bestseller, Caroline Lee. Narrated by Rick Barr.

sneak peek of a few of the bonus puzzles


Introducing the Authors & Their Stories


Socialite Emily Simpson feels out of place - like she has absolutely no purpose. And, when Emily consults her aunt, Lachele suggests she use Matchrimony to find a husband. For farmer Derrick Bobo, he hopes an arranged marriage will give him a better chance of gaining custody of his autistic nephew, Zach. Can Emily adjust to a farm wife’s lifestyle? And more importantly, how will she deal with a boy on the spectrum?


Eliot Graveney fought his entire life to be seen as the equal of those around him. His struggle to be accepted has made him hide his past, but a flash of fire enters his world in the shape of heiress Marianne Daltrey. And Eliot’s life will never be the same again. Can Eliot outsmart a wealthy man to help Marianne get her inheritance? Will he lose his heart in the process? Can he accept Marianne’s unusual brother and create their own family?


Anna Beckett has a soulless job as an accountant for Gallagher Industries. At work, she is known for her no nonsense, dour attitude. When she becomes a volunteer cuddler, holding the sickest babies in the neonatal unit, Anna begins to realize there’s more to life than work. Thrust into a Santa Claus suit at the children’s hospital, Jack Gallagher is surprised to recognize the accountant from work - the one woman who doesn’t succumb to his charms. Can they overcome their differences and misguided perceptions to form a lasting bond?


Mark Diamond has never had a family of his own, and being on the spectrum means relationships can be extra complicated - until Katie Reed, owner of the Bountiful Blueberry Coffee Shop, stole his heart faster than an underpriced IPO offering. For Katie, her shy beau has been as yummy as a dandelion-cocoa latte, but with the death of her brother, she’s got something important to tell him and not much time to explain. Can they handle each other’s situation, or will their dreams be thrown out like yesterday’s brew?


Discover River’s End Ranch, a gorgeous “destination” ranch and resort in Riston, Idaho, that is run by the six Weston siblings and their well-meaning, semi-retired parents. As one of the couples who found love at River’s End Ranch, Jace and Dinky Cunningham struggle with the loss of their dreams for a family; but, circumstances can shift in a split second. Dare they hope this change of plans will bring them everything their hearts desire?


Madeline Collier finds solace in charity work and fundraising for a local children’s home, where she befriends the orphaned Chloe. Peter Townsend moves west from Philadelphia to escape his past and begin a new life, but an unexpected meeting brings Maddie and Peter together to promote a charity event. When an idea is planted for Chloe’s possible future, Madeline realizes she needs help. Can Maddie persuade Peter to commit to a marriage of convenience and, in so doing, help her give Chloe a forever home?


Susan Vuichard is committed to making sure no child is forgotten in the foster system, which means opening her family farm to three sisters that have nowhere else to go. Richard Petra is still suffering the loss of his wife and unborn child. But sparks fly when he finds his high school sweetheart, Susan. Can Richard conquer his fear and pain enough to let Susan and the girls into his hard heart? Can this group somehow become a forever family?


Frazzled by a hectic lifestyle, Rachel Boulton has no choice but to rearrange her priorities when a surprise gift is left for her at work. With the help of her secret crush, Mick Polenz, can Rachel meet the overwhelming needs of this special delivery, or will she lose the greatest joy she’s ever known to the demands of unfulfilled ambitions?



Macy Williams loves her career as a photojournalist, but when her brother and sister-in-law die, Macy is drawn back to her small hometown to handle their estate. In and out, that’s her plan. Until she discovers she’s been named the sole guardian for her two nieces. Cord Adams is surprised by his deceased friend’s choice of guardian. He only met Macy once, and the meeting was anything but cordial. Can two strong-willed individuals set aside their differences for the good of two girls who long for stability and love?

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