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I’m watching the leaves fall, and I have to be honest…how in the heck did this happen? Where did the last six months go? I’m aghast at the fact it’s time to dig out the winter coats and start thinking about Santa’s shenanigans.

So, in that vein, I decided it was entirely appropriate to share something fun with everyone who has made our preliminary foray into the publishing world such an amazing ride.

Enjoy these bonus puzzles to celebrate the season, and feel free to print them out and share them with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Puzzle Promo Pack 2022
Download PDF • 1.93MB

(Click on the Purple icon to download a .pdf to your computer)

And, if you are looking for a fun gift idea, take a quick peek at our brand-new reverse page coloring book & journal. If you liked those black velvet posters as a kid, you might get a kick out of this unique way to create.

Oh, and if this is your thing, then you've got to try out these fabulous gel pens as well. I absolutely love these things. Plus, they offer the perfect vivid colors for the black paper background.

But most of all, Rick and I want to say “thank you” for all of your support during these first few months of our great adventure. We are so blessed to have family, friends, and fans along with us as we stretch our wings toward new horizons.

You are wonderful! God bless!

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It’s been one heck of a busy season for Rick and me as we work out all the details of several fantastic new projects. But we are having a blast meeting new friends and reconnecting with the old. So, we are beyond excited to share all the latest and greatest news with you.

First up is our Hearts, Homes & Holidays anthology that is releasing tomorrow – October 19th. We’ve teamed up with eight other award-winning and bestselling authors to create something pretty special. And best of all, the net proceeds from this project will be contributed to Reece’s Rainbow ( to fund adoption grants for special needs children. Need more information? We can help with that! Just head on over to

During one of our recent brainstorming sessions, a lightbulb went off … or more like a halogen spotlight in this case. And out of that came something we are utterly thrilled to share with folks – our Audiobook Cinema channel on YouTube.

If you love audiobooks as much as we do, then hop on over to and check out all the tremendous content that is already out there. We are airing new episodes each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we’ve got content from multiple bestselling romance authors like Caroline Lee and Kirsten Osbourne.

Oh, and if you like something with a little more charge, tune in on Tuesday, October 19th, for the first episode of The Belmont, a Halloween thriller with a musical twist.

Did I mention you can catch all our episodes for FREE? Yeah, I know. Pretty cool, huh? But, hey, what else would you expect from totally radical folks like Rick and me. 😉

If you really like us, do us a BIG favor and hit that subscribe button while you are there. It’s a gift that keeps on giving (wink, grin).

Alright, so for our last big surprise of the day, I’m totally stoked to introduce a new book we’ve been working on for director Craig Baxley. While the name might not be familiar to you, I am willing to bet you’ve heard of several of the movies he’s directed, like Predator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or how about you Stephen King fans? Craig was behind the camera on Storm of the Century, Kingdom Hospital, and Rose Red.

Craig started in the movie industry as a stuntman. And again, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen his work on shows like Dukes of Hazard and The A-Team. Oh, and if you’ve ever seen the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you’ll want to read all about Craig’s experience making that movie!

Driven will be available in time for Christmas, so make sure to sign-up for our email list, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Guess what? We’re here to help you get your book ready as well. That’s what we do. So, pop a message over to if you’ve got a manuscript squirreled away somewhere. We’d love to help you get your story out there for the world to see.

Alrighty then. Mischief managed. We’ll catch you all later, but in the meantime, drop us a line. We love to hear from you.


Hey all!

When I started the search for a narrator in February 2019, I was barely cognizant of audiobooks. But, my mother’s health was failing, and she couldn’t see well enough to read anymore – hence the idea to share my stories via audio.

By sheer providence, I listened to a generic audition by a fellow named Rick Barr, and I was instantly blown away by the power and tenor of his voice. Now, I’m sure if you’ve listened to any of Rick’s music or voice work, you’ll understand precisely what I am saying.

In the subsequent years, we’ve produced almost two dozen audiobooks together and found some unique opportunities to combine creative energy. And wouldn’t you just like to know what some of those things are?

Ha! Well, I am counting on your avid curiosity to keep you reading, so I won’t dilly dally.

While there are several projects we’ve co-authored, the one I’m most excited about right now is called “Got to Go.” And, if that title sounds familiar to some of you Rick Barr Music fans, it should. “Got to Go” was part of Rick’s most recent album, Ode to Odessa. But, we’ve taken the fabulous lyrics one step further and written an entire story around the song. We’ll be releasing it during a live cast on August 24th, and you are all invited!

You can order the E-Book or the Audiobook from us directly. If you prefer to listen via Audible, click here, but you save $3.00 when you order from us.

Beyond that, Rick and I have been having a grand time creating puzzle books. In May, our first activity book in the Brain Bender series immediately went to #1 bestseller status on Amazon, and we can’t thank you all enough for your support. We’ve just released the second book, “Games for Number Nerds,” and we are gearing up for the third.

If you want a sneak peek of the fun, head on over to to get a few free puzzles to tantalize your brain.

I’m gonna stop there, but let me just say that we have a whole lot more mischief up our sleeves! And we can’t wait to share all the news with you in the coming months. So, stick around, and we’ll make sure to share all the titillating details with you soon.

OH! Wait! One last thing. And this is a big one! Did you know we can help you publish your own books?

Yeah, I know. We’re just that cool.

Hey, don’t laugh! I’m serious . . . erm, well maybe not. We don’t want anyone getting too big for their britches.

Until later, folks!


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